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Canada’s Premier RV Emergency Roadside Service

Please note that coverage may to take up to 72 hours before activation.
Exclusive to Explorer RV Club members – Get our group rate discount when purchasing the best Emergency Roadside Service program in the marketplace for your RV and other household vehicles! The service is provided by the most experienced provider of Emergency Roadside Service for RVs.

It doesn’t matter if you own a tent trailer, a million dollar bus conversion or something in between – we believe that all RVers have the same basic needs. Starting at only $129, get:

  • Unlimited calls and tow mileage
  • Towing to the nearest qualified service facility
  • Mobile service
  • Flat tire change
  • Lockout assistance
  • Battery boost
  • Travel concierge service
  • Trip interruption reimbursement
  • …and more
Explorer RV Club Members Only

Have Questions? Call Membership Services at 1-800-999-0819 for more details.


The Programme

Your Explorer Emergency Roadside Service protects you wherever you may travel in Canada, the United States and Mexico when travelling in vehicles covered under this roadside assistance programme.


Your ERS benefits cover the primary member, an associate member (residing in the household) and any dependent children (living in the same household) while driving, riding or travelling in the vehicles covered and registered under the plan. No benefits are provided in connection with driving or riding in any other vehicle. Your program includes coverage for any non-commercial passenger vehicles (including motorhomes, cars, trucks, motorcycles and vans), trailers, plus bicycles (exceptions apply). One live-in RV per plan. Coverage is available for additional member-owned vehicles for a nominal fee. For more details, call 1-800-999-0819 or email [email protected] to request a brochure.

Fees associated with waiting time, stand-by time or crossing a provincial or international border are not covered by the Explorer RV Club ERS program. Stand-by/wait times include but are not limited to: ferry line-ups, ferry fees and travel time, border line-ups, and pre-planned construction wait times.

Benefits do not apply for commercial or emergency vehicles. Accident tows are not covered by the Explorer RV Club ERS program. Should you be involved in an accident, please contact your insurance company.

Comparison Of Emergency Roadside Services

Cost $129 CAD $159 USD (~$217.24 CAD) $186 CAD $340.20 CAD
Spouse yes yes yes yes
Dependant Children yes yes no yes
Household vehicles yes yes yes yes
Trailers yes yes yes yes
Motorhomes yes yes yes yes
Towing Unlimited distance Unlimited distance Up to 200 km Unlimited distance
Calls allowed per year Unlimited Unlimited 4 Unlimited
Canadian Coverage yes yes yes yes
US Coverage yes yes yes yes
Mexico Coverage yes yes no no
Lock Out service yes yes yes yes
Flat Tire change yes yes yes yes
Mechanical First Aid yes yes yes yes
Jump Start yes yes yes yes
Vehicle Fluid Delivery yes yes yes yes
Extricating/Winching yes yes yes yes
Trip Interruption Service yes yes no yes
Travel Concierge yes yes no yes

Membership Identification Card

Your Club membership number doubles as your ERS identification number. Your card will not expire as long as your membership and ERS coverage is current.

Emergency Roadside Service

Your Explorer Emergency Roadside Service provides nationwide dispatching 24 hours a day, 365 days a year anywhere in Canada, the United States and Mexico. Unlimited calls in a year and unlimited tow mileage, towing to the nearest qualified service facility, mobile service where available, flat tire change, lock-out service, extrication (winching), jump start and vehicle fluid delivery. To obtain emergency roadside assistance, you must call the ERS toll-free number on the back of your membership card. A pre-qualified road service professional will be promptly dispatched to your breakdown location to provide sign and drive towing to the nearest qualified service facility.

Trip Interruption Coverage – Not Covered In Mexico

If your vehicle is disabled due to a collision more than 160 kilometres from your home, reimbursement consideration is available for a total of $600 (with coverage beginning on the day of the collision and continuing for three (3) consecutive days at $200/day) for automobile rental, food and lodging made necessary by the conditions of the collision.

Travel Concierge Service – Not Covered In Mexico

The Travel Concierge Service is designed to help with the inconveniences that may occur with an unexpected breakdown by assisting you with your personal needs while your covered vehicle is being serviced. If requested, emergency help and phone call support will be provided to arrange for hotel/rental car accommodation or rearrange travel plans. The location of the nearest ATM machine can be identified or you can ask to have family or friends contacted to advise them of your emergency situation. You are responsible for cost of services arranged (i.e. the cost of a hotel room or rental car etc.).


We are committed to providing you peace-of-mind coverage while on the road. Regardless of when or where you find yourself in Canada, the United States or Mexico, our RV network support is just a call away. We stand ready to assist you with timely and courteous professional help for your RV travel needs…trust us!

Call Membership Services at 1-800-999-0819 for more details.


Testimonials from the Road

We signed up for ERS a few years ago on our 1994 class A Dolphin motorhome. We’ve never had to use it until last June when we went to the nitro nationals in Cayuga, ON.  When we arrived we were directed to our parking spot in the middle of a field with the other motorhomes, but quickly found ourselves buried up to our transmission pan!  A 4 wheel drive truck tried in vain to help us and also a tractor attempted but only succeeded in popping wheelies and digging ruts.  After a few minutes of head scratching, my wife had a light bulb moment….CALL ERS!!!  Within 40 minutes of making that call, ERS sent in the big guns….a tri axle rotator tow truck!  Much to our relief when we saw C.J. Ricker Mobile Maintenance Ltd. from Dunnville, Ont arrive, we knew our troubles were over.  ERS dispatched the perfect equipment!  Chris Ricker got the job done with ease, professionally and with no damage to our unit.  Thank you Chris.  A huge thank you goes out to everyone who helped us from ERS.  ERS is not only for the ageing RVs.  A flat tire, soft field for parking or mechanical problems does not discriminate with the age of your RV.  If you own an RV of any age, there is no better peace of mind to know if something goes wrong (and it will eventually) there will be ERS out there to come to your aid.
Peter & Linette

We got a flat tire on a highway in Kentucky this past winter near a construction zone on a mountain. A very scary situation with lots of freight trucks whizzing by. We called dispatch and had the tire changed and were back on the road within 90 minutes! We captured the experience on video. Your ERS is well worth the cost! Great job!
Vlasios & Beverley

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This is not an insurance contract. This is not a liability policy and does not comply with any financial responsibility law. This is not an automobile liability or physical damage insurance contract. Coverage entitles members to the services promised in the Benefit Guide. The Benefit Guide comprises the entire agreement with the member. No member may take any agreement not expressed herein.

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