Whether its your first time out ever or just your first time out this season, here are a few tips/reminders to get you going.


Get Acquainted or Reacquainted With Your RV

Take the time to get to know where everything is in your RV — understanding how your RV works is easy and will provide you with the confidence to hit the road. If you have just purchased your RV, go through your unit with the owner’s manual in hand. Understanding your RV will save time, money and stress by being able to diagnose the problem and having the basic knowledge to potentially repair it without having to take it to a shop.

Know the Height of Your RV

Find out the height of your RV and write it down somewhere on the dash of your vehicle for easy reference, so when you come upon a highway sign displaying the height of an overpass you will know whether it is safe for you to proceed.

Check and Test

Take time to check and test that all systems are good to go. Check your furnace, propane, kitchen appliances, air conditioning, black and grey water systems, the electrical systems, etc.

Take a Test Run

Whether it is your first time driving a vehicle of this size or the first outing for the new season, it is a good idea to do a practice run to make sure everything is in good running order. Find an empty parking lot at first to practice, and when you feel comfortable, move into a rural area. Then, when you have mastered that, move on to busier streets. In no time, you will have the confidence to head out on your adventure.


Checklists are a great idea. Packing checklists are great so you don’t forget anything from food and clothing to general camping equipment. Checklists also help so you don’t overpack. Creating a walk-around checklist to use before every departure is helpful to avoid mishaps. This list might include: tire pressures, lights, signals, hookups, hatches are closed and latched, step is up, awning is secure, etc.

Check Campground Reservations, Facilities and Directions

Make sure that the new puppy is welcome where you are headed and understand any pet restrictions they may have. Also, it’s a good idea to double-check that you have the correct reservation dates. Make sure you have a map or the correct location/address of the campground in your GPS, so you don’t get lost along the way.

As our adventures are always changing, make sure you keep your checklists up to date after every trip so the next time out will be smoother than the last one.

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