For an RV enthusiast, there are few things more appealing than the idea of spending time exploring rugged campgrounds in our many forests and national parks. Can you imagine what it would be like to take your rig out for a summer backcountry camping trip in the Canadian wilderness? The vastness of the place, the solitude and serenity, the Canadian wildlife, the campfire, and the millions upon millions of stars. However, the more authentic and rugged the experience, the less likely it is that you’ll have access to the power you need to stay cool in the summer heat.

Of course, you can find plenty of newer campgrounds that offer visitors access to a 50-amp hookup, but they’re often busy and don’t provide the ruff and tumble outdoor experience that you’ve been craving after being cooped up indoors. Even if you are interested in a bit of an “upgraded” campground experience, those campgrounds with 50-amp connections typically fill up first. Luckily, most camping rigs only need 30-amps for most functionality. Though, the best thing about a 50-amp hookup is the ability to use a second A/C unit. This is a great way to make sure you’re keeping cool during the height of summer.

Get the Most Out of Your Air Conditioner While Boondocking

For RVers who are familiar with boondocking or dry camping, you know that using a single small generator is all you need to enjoy a full-featured camping spot. Unfortunately, most portable generators don’t have enough power to start your standard RV air conditioning unit—making it nearly impossible to relax on particularly hot days. With the SoftStartRV system, you can easily start and run a 13.5k or 15k air conditioner using your average Honda generator. This advanced system makes it possible to stay cool and explore the best off-road camping sites across Canada, even without any power hookups.

A/C Freedom with SoftStartRV at 30-amp Camp Sites

One of the best things about using a SoftStartRV is the fact that you can now take your fifth wheel, motorhome, or travel trailer and outfit it with multiple air conditioning units. This makes it possible to enjoy everything from camping and hiking to canoeing, fishing, and mountain biking during the day and come back to a cool, retreat when the heat gets to be too much.

Even if you only have access to a 30-amp connection at a more rugged campsite, you don’t have to worry about wasting your days moving from shady spot to shady spot, only to find relief from the heat in the evenings. The combination of SoftStartRV and a 30-amp hookup also means that you can plan a more flexible trip that doesn’t have to rely on reservations that must be made three to six months before you hit the open road.

SoftstartRV A/C soft-start reduces startup power demand by up to 70%

What Makes SoftStartRV Special?

The SoftStartRV A/C SoftStarter helps to reduce the overall startup power demand needed to power your air conditioning units by up to 70 percent. Installing one system for each A/C unit not only helps reduce startup power but it also makes life easier for your generator. Now your beloved motorhome, fifth wheel, and travel trailers can take full advantage of both of the RV air conditioner units that your rigs came with.

Ideal for Class A Rigs Too!

Are you more of a big rig person? If so, the SoftStartRV system will work seamlessly with 50-amp hookups as well. Soft starters make it possible to reduce the need for your power management system to funnel power from your hairdryer, induction cooktop, and other high-draw devices to help start your air conditioning unit. Even if you have a grand motorhome that features 3 or 4 A/C units, you can benefit from the use of multiple SoftStartRV systems installed on each unit. Additionally, these smart systems are perfect when boondocking in your big rig or when you need to run your generator while driving.

SoftStartRV A/C soft start kits are great for Class A motorhomes as well.

Easy Installation and Great Value

Worried about an intricate installation process? Don’t let the fear of the unknown prevent you from enjoying cool indoor temperatures on your next summer road trip. Installation of the SoftStartRV is a snap and if you need help, there are a wide variety of user-friendly tools available to you online. Or you can simply make a call to tech support for additional details. Not big on tech gadgets? That’s fine too because SoftStartRV A/C soft starts are a breeze for any professional RV tech to install—typically in 45 minutes or less.

Visit SoftStartUSA to Learn More

Make sure your rig is outfitted with the most modern Soft Starter system so that you can enjoy camping to the fullest this RV season, no matter where you choose to camp. Order SoftStartRV A/C SoftStarters for your RV today.

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