A truck camper may not be the top choice for most RVers, but it fits the bill perfectly for a particular segment of campers. Truck campers aren’t new to the market, but the models offered today differ from what’s been available. If you haven’t looked in a while, it might be worthwhile to revisit them.

Benefits of Truck Campers

The key benefit of a truck camper has always been the ability to carry your camper and still be able to tow a substantial trailer behind the truck. While this hasn’t changed, there’s another emerging trend for which the truck camper is perfect – Overlanding. This RV segment caters to off-road, off-grid adventurers. A truck camper on a 4×4 truck can get you further off-road than most of the towed trailers ever will.

Palomino 2912: The Difference

The Palomino 2912 adds one additional feature to the typical design of a truck camper. The Palomino’s backpack truck camper is unique and has a drop-down rear patio deck. The larger trailer fits an 8-foot truck bed in a 3500-series pickup truck. It weighs 3,600 lbs., and it’s 20 feet long. This camper has all the amenities you’d want and expect.

A Palomino Backpack Truck Camper 2912 is parked on display at the Hershey RV Show. Its drop-down patio deck is lowered.

Photo credit: Palomino

To accommodate the rear deck, the entry door is on the passenger side of the unit. You can access a second entry/exit door when the deck is lowered. This fold-down, 8’ x 7’ patio deck also houses a 32” TV and a small refrigerator built into the unit’s rear.

This backpack truck camper by Palomino caught my attention at the Hershey RV show. It was different and offered a viewing platform for the events many owners of these truck campers might attend. Whether you’re attending a horse show, auto racing, or dirt track event, the Palomino 2912’s deck setup will allow you to enjoy the events that you’ve towed your horses, cars, or Powersports to, or enjoy the view in an out-of-the-way destination, far from pavement.

2912 is part of the Hard Side Max series and is a Palomino premium product. With the insulated, frameless windows and heated basement, this camper is ready for 4-season adventures. A nice feature is the entire front cap windshield which opens the ample living space to more light and creates an inviting atmosphere.

A brightly lit bedroom at the back of a Palomino Backpack Truck Camper 2912.

Photo credit: Palomino

The following lists contain the standard features of these truck campers.

Palomino Truck Campers – Standard Features

  • LED Interior Lighting
  • Vented Battery Box (1 on Soft Sides; 2 on Hard Sides)
  • Battery Quick Disconnect
  • Exterior Battery Charging Station
  • Aluminum Frame
  • Ball Bearing Drawer Guides
  • Laminated Roof (Hard Side Only)
  • Congoleum Flooring
  • Mortise and Tenon Hard Wood Cabinets
  • Pocket Screw Lumber Core Cabinet Stiles
  • 55″ One-Piece Door (Soft Side Only)
  • Solar Prep
  • Hi Gloss Exterior Fiberglass (Option of White or Grey)
  • Electric Roof Lift w/Remote (Soft Sides Only)
  • Pre-Wired for Electric Jacks
  • 20,000 BTU Furnace (Soft Sides Only)
  • 3-Way Refrigerator (Soft Sides Only)
  • Black Rieco Titan Convertible Jacks (Electric on MAX)
  • Maxx Air Vent
  • Frameless Windows (Hard Sides Only; Insulated on MAX)
  • On Demand Water Heater (Hard Sides Only)
  • Hot & Cold Outside Shower (Hard Sides Only)
  • Front Cap w/Line X Windshield (Hard Sides Only)
  • 12-Volt Tank Heat Pads (MAX Only)
  • TV (Max Only)
  • AM/FM CD/DVD Player w/Theatre Sound and Exterior Speakers (MAX Only)
  • six6 cubic foot 2-Way Refrigerator (MAX Only)
  • Heated and Enclosed Basement (MAX Only)
  • Integrated Bumper (MAX Only)
  • Microwave (MAX Only)

Palomino Truck Campers – Construction

  • High-Density Block Foam Insulation
  • Alpha Super Flex Membrane Roof
  • Plywood Substrate
  • Decorative Wall Board
  • Aluminum Framing – Fully Welded Super Structure (N/A on Soft Sides)
  • Heated Insulated Basement (Max Series Only)
  • White or Grey Hi Gloss Exterior Fiberglass

Palomino Truck Campers – Optional Badlands Package

Palomino’s Badlands Package adds the off-grid capability to their truck campers, including:

  • Thule Roof Rack
  • 100-Watt Solar Panel with Charge Controller
  • Second Battery Tray

If the idea of Overlanding or having a well-equipped RV that can tow appeals to you, a truck camper is an option worth exploring.

Palomino 2912 Truck Camper – Specifications


The floorplan of the Palomino Backpack Truck Camper 2912. First from the left is an 8’x7’ fold-down patio with an outside kitchen and an entrance into the camper. Next, along the driver’s side, is the washroom, ward pantry, kitchen entertainment centre, and storage. A 60”x80” Queen size bed occupies the front of the trailer with an entertainment centre and hold on the driver-side, a closet and chest storage on the passenger side. Continuing back, along the passenger side, from the right, is the fridge and a 68” sofa. Beside the couch is the main entrance.

Photo credit: Palomino

  • Dry Weight 3,595 lb
  • Exterior Length: 20′
  • Exterior Height: 9′ 9″
  • Exterior Width:98″
  • Interior Height: 6′ 8″
  • Floor Length:10′ 8″
  • Fresh Water: 45 gal
  • Gray Water: 20 gal
  • Black Water: 20 gal
  • LP Tank: 30 lb

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