After a long winter spent within your home’s four walls, what could be better than trading them in for your four walls on wheels? Here are five reasons why you should plan an RV trip with Terego this spring.

1. The temperature is perfect

One of the best parts about RVing in the spring is the weather. It’s the perfect time for driving with your windows down and breathing in the fresh air. Plus, you avoid unpleasant heat waves and mosquitoes! Looking for a spring destination? Visit Terego’s host, The P’tit Domaine Marienergie. Almost a three-hour drive from Montreal, it’s just long enough to enjoy the ride. Located in the Vallée-Bras-du-Nord, guests can enjoy several outdoor activities including exploring trails that will lead you to a beach or to a small bridge that takes you directly into the heart of the village of St-Raymond.

2. Visit an asparagus farm

At the beginning of May, asparagus braves the weather to be the first local vegetable to arrive on our grocery store shelves. Did you know that it takes five years of hard work before the asparagus plant reaches maturity? Not to mention that it must be harvested by hand, one at a time, sometimes twice in the same day! If you’re a Terego member heading out in your RV this spring, make sure you stop at Vignoble Saint-Thomas (Saint-Thomas-de-Joliette), Ferme Cormier (L’Assomption) or Barrie Hill Farms in Ontario to pick up the very first fresh asparagus of the season. Some farms even offer pick-your-own asparagus!

3. Enjoy the serenity of off-season

Imagine being able to take your time to explore less crowded roads, drive at your own pace, and enjoy the view! Off-season usually means popular Terego hosts and the activities that surround them have more availability than they do during the peak season. You may even end up with your host all to yourself, so take advantage of VIP guided tours and exclusive discoveries. Off-season is a great time to visit hosts like Gijamika Farm in Kamouraska, Terego’s most visited host of the 2021 season!

4. Flowering of the orchards

After a cold, Canadian winter, there’s nothing more exciting than seeing the first flowers blooming. Plan a spring RV trip to Rougemont to admire the apple trees in bloom while you enjoy a glass of cider. There are several Terego hosts that give their guests the opportunity to walk through their orchards to see the blossoms up close, take pictures and enjoy the spring aromas. This only lasts a few days, so make sure you don’t miss it by following hosts like Vignoble Coteau Rougemont, Domaine de Lavoie, or Cidrerie Michel Jodoin on Facebook to keep an eye out for their blooming dates.

5. Contemplate the impressive flow of the waterfalls

The best reward after a spring hike? Taking in the beauty of a waterfall just free of its winter ice and flowing with all its might! Terego members can visit hosts with access to waterfalls like Scenic High Falls, one of the Town of Wawa, Ontario’s biggest attractions and it’s exclusively accessible by a trail starting at Algoma Highlands Wild Blueberry Farm & Winery. In Quebec, Terego members can discover the Belvedere du Moulin where RVers can enjoy the waterfall, the dam, and the small canyon of the Bluets River. The Belvedere is located at Espace Aux Rives Du Temps, where you can also visit a century old railcar and a woodworking shop (opening May 26).

There are so many benefits to RVing in the spring, and with nearly 400 hosts, Terego has something for everyone!

Explorer RV Club has partnered with Terego, a 100% Canadian owned, mother-daughter company with a passion for camping and agrotourism. Members of the Explorer RV Club save 10% off their Terego membership and gain access to nearly 400 hosts across Canada, including farms, wineries, and breweries. To access this exclusive discount, keep an eye out for an email with your promo code, or use the link provided with your membership package. Not a member yet? Join the club and save.

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