Experienced RVers know the drill when it comes to prepping their vehicle for spring. When the temperatures start to warm, the to-do lists come out and the work begins. A proper cleaning, inside and outside, is included on most RVers spring prep lists, but it should also be a part of your regular maintenance plan. If you’re wondering how to clean your RV, here are some tips the cleaning experts at Silverwax recommend to ensure the interior and exterior are in good condition all season long.

Things You’ll Need to Clean Your RV

  • Clean In: Interior Cleaner
  • Cockpit Guard: Interior Protector
  • Clear View: Glass Cleaner
  • Grease Off: Fast Acting Degreaser and/or Kick In: Acid Cleaner
  • Foam Load: Ultra Foam Soap
  • Fly Away: Insect Cleaner
  • Rust Off: Particulate Cleaner
  • Slick Bar: Clay Bar Kit
  • Suit Up: Paint Sealant
  • Several microfibre cloths
  • Applicator pads
  • Wash mitt or soft brush
  • Bucket of water
  • Protective gloves

How to Clean Your RV

Step 1: Clean Inside

  1. Using a cleaning solution that has a neutral pH level, clean inside the vehicle to remove dust, dirt and debris. Clean In: Interior Cleaner by Silverwax is designed for use on all types of vehicles and surfaces.
  2. Apply an anti-static solution, like Silverwax’s Cockpit Guard: Interior Protector, to limit dust build-up and help make cleaning inside your RV easier throughout the rest of the season.
  3. Clean your RVs windows on the inside and outside. Clear View: Glass Cleaner by Silverwax uses a protective barrier to prevent dust from sticking to your RVs windows which helps keep them clean longer and makes them easier to maintain.

Step 2: Clean Outside

  1. Start by cleaning your RVs tires and rims to remove any oil, grease, brake dust and road pollutants that have accumulate over your spring and summer travels. Grease Off: Fast Acting Degreaser by Silverwax is quick to apply and safe for all types of rims and tires. Kick In: Acid Cleaner is another product by Silverwax that can be used to remove rust and other deposits that can damage your rim surfaces.
  2. Give your RVs exterior a thorough cleaning. Silverwax’s Foam Load: Ultra Foam Soap was designed to eliminate the risk of micro-scratching and with its perfect mix of detergency and neutral pH levels, removing dirt and dust from your RV will be easier than ever before.
  3. Have an insect problem? The acids secreted by insects are harmful to your vehicle’s finish so it’s important to remove any build-up of insects on your RV. Fly Away: Insect Cleaner by Silverwax specifically targets the acid secreted by insects to break down and lift unwanted particles from all types of surfaces.
  4. Decontaminate your RV. Rust Off: Particulate Cleaner by Silverwax gets rid of road contaminants that can’t be removed in a regular cleaning. Follow this up with Silverwax’s Slick Bar: Clay Bar Kit to eliminate rust particles and get your RVs surface ready for the final step.
  5. Once your RVs exterior is decontaminated, apply product like Suit Up: Paint Sealant by Silverwax to protect your RV from dust accumulation during the winter.

Now that you know how to clean your RV, stock up on some of these favourites from Silverwax!

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