Having your beloved RV stolen is always a heartbreaking affair. But it is made much worse when it ends up deep in the woods ravaged by drug activity or simply never to be seen again. Thankfully, you can prevent those awful scenarios with help from KYCS Locate. Using their innovative theft recovery system, you can get your RV back safe and sound without having to expend energy on fruitless efforts, such as waiting for surveillance footage and posting what happened on social media. Here’s how it works.

Simple, Undetectable Protection for Your RV

The KYCS Locate recovery device is an ultra-compact 80mm by 51mm box (think hockey puck in rectangular form) that installs in a discreet location. Since it does not have any wiring, it is simple to install and remove when it comes time to change the battery.

The high-powered magnets along the bottom firmly attach to metal, keeping it attached to the vehicle through all your travels. If that will not work for your needs, you can use the supplied adhesive to attach it to any other surface imaginable. And at 24mm tall, this box can slip into tiny areas with ease and remain out of sight from all who hope to detect it.


KYCS Locate recovery device is an ultra-compact – think hockey puck in rectangular form.


Since it is not a GPS device, not even high-tech radio frequency scanners can spot its presence. The device remains powered off for the majority of the day and only comes on once every 24 hours to transmit its location data. Within five minutes of powering on, the location comes through using trilateration data from narrowband technology and cell towers with an accuracy of about 60 feet (18 metres). Then, it turns back off again to avoid detection.

Easy to Use Software for Quick Reports

You and other authorized users can access all the data recorded by your recovery device using the proprietary app or by logging into their website. Whether you hop on using your Android or Apple devices or on the web, the software lets you check the location of your RV any time, which is helpful if you store it offsite.

If you haven’t checked in for several days before it was stolen, you can use the historical and trace reports to see where it has been. You can also quickly go to the asset location page to map its location. You can then work with KYCS to retrieve your RV and bring it back home where it belongs.


Check the location of your trailer any time.


Replaceable Battery with Online Monitor

Through all its on-off cycles, the device uses a replaceable battery designed to last up to four years. You can check its battery life using the online monitor through the app or website. The software displays how many days are left on the charge to make sure your RV remains protected. Once it gets low, simply pull the device off the RV and send it in to recycle the old battery and receive it back with a brand new one in its place.


Check the battery life using the online monitor with the app or website.


Three Year Renewal for Ongoing Protection

Unlike other theft recovery systems, the KYCS Locate device does not come with any required monthly fees. Instead, you pay for three full years of coverage upfront. You can then set it up and let it do the heavy lifting without making continual payments each month. At the end of the initial period, you can renew your protection for another three years.

Partnership with Crime Stoppers for Easy Recovery

Although the KYCS Locate theft recovery system will provide the location of your stolen RV, KYCS will still need to work with law enforcement for support in getting it back. Once you have a police report in hand, you can call or email the KYCS team for help reclaiming your vehicle. Through their partnership with Crime Stoppers, they have the means to help you safely find and retrieve your RV without further issues.

With its ease of use and ability to fast-track the theft recovery process, there is no reason to skip out on the KYCS Locate system. Upon completing its quick and easy installation, you will have complete peace of mind that your RV is protected and simple to recover if the unthinkable happens.

Sponsored by KYCS Global Inc.

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