Global tire company Hankook, is now offering the Vantra Trailer Tire, which will fit most popular trailers. The company statement boasts that it is designed with advanced durability and stability to withstand heavy-duty conditions.

“As our first-ever products in the Trailer Tire segment, we wanted to develop tires that would deliver exceptional performance and stability in heavy-duty conditions,” said Kijong Kil, Vice President of RE Development. “Both products are designed to withstand heavy loads and perform on a variety of road conditions, which are essential for trailer applications.”

The Vantra Tire is designed to provide excellent traction, by means of a main zig-zag groove and good water drainage, as well as asymmetric grooves that help eject stones.  It’s an all-steel radial structure and uses a new compound mixing system that minimizes disconnection of polymer chains and oxidation for enhanced durability of material.

The Vantra Trailer is a key player in Hankook’s strategic expansion of its product offerings. It is available in nine sizes, while the Vantra tire for high loads (TH31) is offered in two sizes in the Canadian market. These tires are built to perform on fifth-wheel trailers, travel trailers, flatbed/hauling trailers, boat trailers and horse trailers.


PatternM CodeSize
Vantra Trailer2021432ST175/80R13
Vantra Trailer2021433ST185/80R13
Vantra Trailer2021434ST205/75R14
Vantra Trailer2021435ST215/75R14
Vantra Trailer2021436ST205/75R15
Vantra Trailer2021437ST225/75R15
Vantra Trailer2021438ST235/80R16
Vantra Trailer2021439ST235/85R16
Vantra Trailer2021440ST255/85R16
Vantra Trailer (TH31)3003734ST235/85R16
Vantra Trailer (TH31)3003760ST235/80R16


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