Wayfarer is now officially Orbit Insurance Services!

We are now Orbit Insurance Services and are excited to continue to give you the same great service you love and even more protection for everything that matters most to you.

We’re not just changing lanes; we’re zooming into an even brighter future and revving things up.

Let us revolve around you.

As Orbit Insurance Services, we’re dedicated to giving you exceptional service that revolves around you.

We want to be your go-to trusted insurance ally, ensuring a smooth and personalized experience, all the while keeping the services and competitive rates you know and love. We’ve teamed up with Orbit’s larger brokerages and insurance experts to meet and service your unique insurance needs.

If you have coverage with us, your insurer, trusted brokers, policy, and all the nitty-gritty details remain unchanged. We will continue delivering the high level of expertise, dedicated service and care you’ve come to expect.

Now, let’s talk about our superpower.

As a nationwide insurance powerhouse, Orbit works for you.

With a coast-to-coast presence and fueled by a passion for putting you first, Orbit offers you a comprehensive range of insurance products to cover all your needs, whatever they are and wherever you are.

Home, auto, business, travel, group insurance—you name it, we’ve got you covered. And, for those who love the open road and beyond, be sure to check out our leisure and recreational insurance solutions for your RVs and other prized possessions (ATVs, boats, collector cars, etc.).

Here’s to safe travels and happy RVentures!

We are grateful that Explorer RV Club members continue to trust us. As part of the Wayfarer community, we invite you to continue the journey with us under the banner of Orbit Insurance Services. We’re excited to keep you in the loop with the latest info for the RV community and offer exclusive discounts to you. Enjoy exceptional service that revolves around you!

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