If you’re a seafood lover, there are so many incredible fish and shellfish to try as you explore Canada in your RV. To enjoy the freshest flavours around, it’s important to know what’s in season because not all seafood is available year-round. To help you out, here’s a look at when and where to get the freshest seafood in Canada to prepare while you’re RVing.

Where to Look for Fresh Fish and Shellfish in Canada

Unless you’re willing to get your recreational fishing licence and try your luck on the water, you’ll need to set your sights on seafood markets for all your fish and shellfish needs. You’ll find most of these markets in the coastal provinces, like Prince Edward Island, Ontario, and British Columbia. But even Alberta has dedicated seafood markets awaiting your visit.

Unlike grocery stores, coastal seafood markets get all the freshest fish and more right off the boat daily. Looking at inland markets? They get their seafood off the truck several times a week, if not more often. Their seafood is always in season as a result, so you know you’re getting the highest quality products every time. On top of that, their well-trained staff can easily answer all your questions about which seafood varieties to buy and how to prepare them while on the road.

A Look at When to Find Fresh-Caught Seafood

When you know what’s in season, it’s easy to enjoy and prepare fresh and delicious seafood meals. To help you out, here’s a look at when to find fresh-caught seafood in Canada.


Wild clams come into season in October and continue landing in fish market cases through the end of June. Depending on your location, you’ll find Pacific razor clams, Atlantic jackknife clams, manila clams, geoducks, and so much more.


A true west coast delicacy, Dungeness crab stays in season from June through August. If you prefer snow crab, look for it from April to August. King crab, on the other hand, has two seasons: October through December and again in February through April.


Fish are not all actively biting at the same time. So, you’ll have to keep the season in mind when seeking out your favourites, including:

  • Albacore Tuna: June 1st through August 31st
  • Anchovies: May 1st through October 31st
  • Halibut: March 1st through November 30th
  • Sablefish (Black Cod): March 1st through November 30th
  • Salmon: May 1st through September 30th

Both rainbow trout and sardines remain available year-round, allowing you to enjoy fresh fish well into the winter months.


Like king crab, lobster comes into season twice a year. The seasons vary from province to province, although you can count on their peak times to land in June and December. Want spiny lobster in particular? Its season runs from October through December.


Mussels stay in season year-round, allowing you to easily satisfy your cravings for seafood in Canada. Depending on where you’re RVing, you can find freshwater mussels, saltwater mussels, or both.


Oysters are another year-round delicacy, which is great news if you love this decadent shellfish. Although most oysters are farmed, you can find wild varieties if you ask around at your nearby fish markets.


The spot prawn season begins in early February and runs through December each year. Despite the long season, these delicious treats can prove hard to find unless you’re RVing through British Columbia. They’re a restaurant favourite, after all, so you have to act fast if you want some of your own.


From April through February, you can easily find squid fresh and ready to prepare. They’re usually sold whole with both their tubes and tentacles intact.

With your Canadian seafood of choice in hand, it’s time to get busy preparing your meal. You can use your RV’s stove, pull out the BBQ grill, or even throw your seafood on the fire to perfectly prepare it every time. No matter what approach you take, filling up on seafood will surely delight your taste buds and leave you ready to go on all your planned RVing adventures.

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