The coronavirus crisis has forced millions of people worldwide to stay at home. Soon the restrictions will be lifted, and people will be rushing to escape into the Great Outdoors. RVing is the best way to experience nature while remaining comfortable in their home away from home.

Whether you’re new to RVing or an old hand, there are many RV camping essentials you must have for your RVing adventure. Here are some of the most important.



When you drive off the grid, your RV will need to be self-sufficient. While at developed RV parks you can plug and play with water and electricity hook-ups, when boondocking you need to fend for yourself.

That means you will need deep cycle batteries combined with an RV power inverter so you can use all your AC appliances. A power generator enables you to keep your power bank charged and an RV inverter generator allows you to generate AC power. You should also consider environmentally friendly solar panels. When your greywater tank is full, you can fall back on a portable waste holding tank.



Just like inside your home, accidents can and will happen. You must do everything you can to protect your family.

A first aid kit is essential for any RV adventure. Smoke detectors, a fire blanket, and a fire extinguisher will help protect you from kitchen misadventures. A carbon monoxide detector could save your life.

To deter breaking and entry, a padlock can supplement the lock supplied with your RV, and burglar alarms provide an extra layer of security when your mobile home is breached.

When you drive through wilderness areas, sudden collisions with large wild animals are a potential hazard. An innovative animal alert can warn deer away from your path and prevent vehicle damage and injury. A mosquito coil or other insect repellent helps keep smaller critters at bay.


Maintenance and Repairs

When something goes wrong on the road, you’ll need the right tools. RVs don’t always use the standard screws and nuts found on other vehicles. If you own a towable RV (trailer), you’ll probably discover the lug nuts on your vehicle are a different size than those on your RV.

An RV tool kit should include a wrench set, 4-way wrench, and a set of Robertson screwdriver bits…the kind with a square end. You’ll also find a digital tire gauge useful along with a good-quality spare tire.

Temperature Control

Keeping your RV warm in winter and cool in summer is essential for your comfort. Sometimes an electric fan running off your RV battery provides sufficient relief from the heat, but hotter environments require RV air-conditioning. Some air-conditioners incorporate a heating element to warm your RV.

If you’re headed into cold regions, vehicle insulation is important. For heat, you’ll require a propane heater or electric stove. If you’re planning to spend a lot of time RVing in icy conditions, you’ll need a 4-seasons RV, insulated to remain warm and prevent water and butane pipes from freezing.



When traveling, it can be difficult to stay in touch, especially when the internet and phone services become patchy. Various devices are available to help you communicate with the wider world.

Cell phone signal boosters amplify your cell phone signal. A portable satellite hub can provide a reliable internet connection, but it can be expensive. A satellite dish can also improve your TV signal.



One of the best things about RVing is that it allows you to bring all the comforts of home into the wilderness. However, appliances made for RVing tend to be slightly different to domestic models and designed with size limitations in mind.

Depending upon the size of your RV, you can squeeze in a refrigerator, washing machine, dryer, dishwasher, coffee makers, and even an ice maker. Whatever you do at home you can do in your RV with enough space.



No home away from home is complete without furnishing. Just as with the appliances, RV furniture tends to be light and compact to fit into the available space. Think about comfortable but small-scale beds, compact RV sofas, folding tables, and cup holders. Due to the space limitations, there are many clever gadgets designed to add storage space to furniture, such as drawers to fit beneath tables.


Outside Pursuits

When you arrive in an RV park, levelling blocks are great for ensuring your mobile home is both flat and stable. Wheel chocks keep it in place. Ensure all your connections are present and damage-free.

When you’re camping, you’ll want to get out of your RV and spend time outdoors. You can swiftly extend your RV’s living space with an easy to operate awning. Portable barbecues and outdoor chairs enable you to enjoy traditional camping food in the cool evening air.

Sporting equipment will add to your outdoor experience. Bike racks on the back of your RV enable you to bring your bicycles from home, or you could bring a folding bike inside your RV. Inflatable kayaks and stand-up paddle boards take less room than hard shell versions. Angling equipment is a must for many RVers.

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