If you are ready to go camping, but want to skip the crowds, then boondocking is the answer to your problems. To boondock, you just select a camping spot far off the grid, like on Crown land, then get busy having fun without worry about bumping into anyone else. Since there are no electricity, sewer, nor water hookups, it does take a little extra preparation to avoid having to trek back to town to grab what you need. Here’s a look at the items you need to stay comfortable and focused on having an awesome time while boondocking.

Plenty of Water

Without a water tap on hand, you will need to do things a little bit differently to stay clean and hydrated. Instead of hooking up to the spigot, you must have all your water stored onboard in water tanks and bottles.

Estimate how much you will need for drinking, showering, washing dishes, and all the other activities you use water for — then double it. You will not regret bringing too much water, but too little will have you travelling back into town in no time flat.

Just in case things get hairy, or you simply cannot leave in a timely manner, bring along a water filter, like a Sagan Life or Sawyer filter. With an effective filter, you can safely drink from local sources and stay hydrated until you can get more water.

Food and More Food

Unlike most RV campgrounds, off grid camping sites do not have bait shops, convenience stores, and the like nearby. So, you have to bring along all the food you will need for the duration of your stay or go without. If you forget marshmallows for your s’mores or don’t bring enough eggs for breakfast each morning, you are simply out of luck.

To avoid that scenario, make a list and check it thrice, then stock up your RV good for all scenarios. In addition to fresh meat, fruit, and vegetables, make sure to bring:

  • Trail mix
  • Protein bars
  • Beef jerky
  • Dried fruit
  • Nuts
  • Freeze-dried survival foods
  • Canned meals

Don’t forget the cast iron cookware, so you can whip up all your favourite dishes over an open fire. A can opener might help, too.

Cell Signal Booster

As you travel deeper and deeper into the woods, cell signals start to go by the wayside. Then, before you know it, your cellphone will turn into not much more than a paperweight until you get back in range. You can avoid that issue by installing a cell signal booster in your RV. This device grabs weak signals and amplifies them, so your phone, tablet, and even computer can continue operating as expected.

Power Generators

Since you cannot hook up to electricity, you will need some way to generate power to run your accessories. You can go all out with an onboard solar system or make do with a battery and generator combo. No matter what you choose, make sure to test your equipment to verify it operates correctly well before you hit the road.

Air Conditioner Soft Starter

If you travel during the wicked hot summer months, trying to keep your family comfortable running on or more air conditioners is usual a challenge while boondocking. That’s where an air conditioner soft starter, like SoftStartRV, is definitely the way to go. With this important unit installed, your A/C system consumes up to 70% less energy when starting up, which is the most demanding part of its power cycle. After getting the air conditioning system past that hump, the SoftStartRV soft starter lets the generator or other power system take over. You can then focus on keeping cool without sweating about energy usage. Whether you you have a travel trailer with a single A/C unit or three A/C units on your motorhome, a SoftStartRV device for each air conditioner unit ensures you’ll be able to keep cool while boondocking.

If you’ve never tried boondocking, now is an opportune time to give it a shot. If you’re looking for a great off-the-grid campground, consider camping on Crown land.

Regardless of your destination, as you pack up for your boondocking trip, do not forget to bring along all the other RV camping essentials you need in your rig. You definitely do not want to get out into the woods to find out you do not have any toilet paper or fuel for the stove.

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