Anyone who owns an RV can attest to the fact that an RV doesn’t exactly have the largest amount of storage space inside, and when you have to bring all your necessities and treat it as a second home while on your camping or hiking trips, your storage space inside can easily dwindle away if you aren’t careful.

As you attempt to squeeze those gaming consoles inside your shelves for some entertainment on the rainy days that you can’t head outside, you would likely notice how the lack of space forces you to place some items in rather… extravagant positions, making the place look more cluttered than it should. If you are someone who hates clutter, this is likely leaving a really sour taste in your mouth.

So, how then can you make the most out of your RV space? Read on to find out.

Remove clutter

First things first: Get rid of the things your RV does not need. It is more than likely that you have a good number of items or appliances that are just gathering dust in storage spots that could be used to store more important items.

This means sitting down and taking the time to properly think about the items currently inside your RV to ascertain whether or not you will need them on future trips. If you are not sure about some things, asking for a second opinion from your friends or family members couldn’t hurt.

For instance, a great fuel stabilizer would be lovely to use for your RV’s fuel tank to make the fuel inside last longer, but it would be a better idea to use it before you go out. That way, you can leave the stabilizer at home and free up some space, even if it’s just for one additional bottle.

You can do this at any phase as you organize your things, but it would be better to prioritize removing items that are unneeded first. Doing so will give you a better clue of how much space you actually have remaining, making things easier for future storage use.

Make use of storage bins and drawer organizers



Storage bins are an amazing investment. RV users can utilize them as storage for supplies or other items, and their use extends far beyond the walls of an RV.

Multiple storage bins can serve as a great way to separate items that are meant for a specific task. Their nature also makes them flexible, so they can be placed in any part of your RV and can store anything that fits inside.

It really helps that storage bins comes in many different sizes and colours, which will help you adjust accordingly in what you should get for your RV, whether it is by using matching colours with your RV’s interiors or using differing colours instead as a kind of label to make it easier to separate items you have stored.

But maybe you are lacking in storage bins, in which case, how about using shoe organizers instead?

While yes, shoe organizers are great for storing shoes, that is by far not the only way you can use them. There are a surprising number of things you can store inside one of these things, ranging from office supplies, children’s toys, books, water bottles, and even plants! Of course, true to their name, they can help in giving those shoes or hiking boots on the floor a spot to sit in too.

Categorize your things with drawer organizers


Separating your silverware would make things feel really neat and tidy.


Jumping off the idea of separating your things neatly, drawer organizers are a great way to do so, especially when trying to organize items in your kitchen or bathroom drawers.

Drawers are still good even without these organizers, but if you want to reduce clutter as much as possible to save you storage space for more things, you may want to consider investing in drawer organizers. This can be especially useful for items that you might have multiples of, such as silverware, toiletries, and cooking utensils.

Prioritize compact household items


A large coffee mug might look nice in your home, but a smaller one would fit just right in your RV.


You are not in your house. You are in your RV, which means your usual big pots and pans will be taking up a lot of space. Space that could be used to house other kitchenware. Instead, opt to using versions of these items that are meant to be compact and useful, such as collapsible cookware.

This applies to other things as well, such as smaller trash cans and toiletry items. Adjust according to your space because it doesn’t work the other way around.

Use your walls as additional space


Clothing hooks aren’t exclusive for home use.


With how limited space in an RV is, every bit counts. Walls can serve as vertical spaces for storage. Hooks that can hang hats or coats, for instance, can be attached to walls. Shelves can store smaller, non-fragile items like books.

This also applies to cabinet doors. More specifically, the inside portion, where you can also use the door as a place to hang things.

For entertainment, you can opt for a hanging TV inside your RV should your budget allow for it.

While not all RVs are built the same, proper utilization of space is still an important factor for all of them, even for seemingly unorthodox methods.

Place drawers under your tables


Different types of drawers fit under different tables.


If you don’t mind having a couple of containers sitting underneath your table while you eat, consider fitting in some drawers under the table. It probably won’t be too pretty to look at, but it certainly helps in reducing the clutter inside your RV. You can even store silverware or kitchenware here too.

Utilize the storage under your bed


Beds can surprisingly have a lot of storage.


Unlike tables, where you have to manually add drawers yourself, most RVs should have their own storage under the bed. If your RV doesn’t have one, consider updating the frame to include it. With the right organizer or divider, you can use it to store your clothes, DVDs, or other more important materials that can be used for camping.

When it comes to utilizing every inch of storage space in your RV use your imagination and find a solution that works best for you and your lifestyle. Organizing your RV will reduce frustration when looking for everyday items and will make for an enjoyable adventure.

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