The season of celebration is upon us! What better way to ring out this forgettable year and welcome in the new than with a warm glass of spiced spirits. Mix up your holiday traditions this year with something a little different in your mug or champagne flute with these fun Christmas drink recipes.

Something to Warm You Inside and Out

While the snow falls in your neighbourhood or while you’re camping beside your favourite remote lake, mixing up a hot drink spiked with some alcohol is a great way to end the day.

Check out the possibilities of Glogg, a spiced wine drink that is a favourite in Scandinavia. Raisins, bourbon, and orange peel give it that holiday spin.

Eggs, cream, bourbon, and a hint of nutmeg create the traditional cup of Egg Nog. The rich concoction soothes your soul.

When the kids are in bed, a batch of Spiked Hot Cocoa featuring Irish Cream and bourbon will help to set the mood for late-night fun.

You sing about it every year! Mix up your own batch of Wassail in your Instant Pot! Orange, apple, sugar, cinnamon, and cloves create a festive drink to share with your immediate family. It is a wonderful drink to fuel caroling around the campfire.

Spice Up Your Favourites

A little shot of warming spice can give your private cocktail hour some Holiday spirit. Add hard cider, whisky, lemons, rosemary, and more to mix up a memorable Cinnamon Whisky Sour.

If you love to bake, cream and a little cookie give your Gingerbread Martinis a fun twist.

A Pitcher to Toast the Season

For summer campfires, a six-pack of beer is just right for relaxing after a day of fun. When you are wearing your ugly Christmas sweater, mix up a batch of Holiday Sangria. Wine, brandy, oranges, sugar, and seltzer add fizz to your drink.

Sip a toast and happily bid 2020 adieu! Champagne Mojito will shake up the countdown by adding fresh mint, cinnamon, and a twist of the champers to your glass.

Stay in and Snuggle Up

Turn off the news, light a fire, and raise your martini glass filled to the brim with a Snowflake. Vodka, nonpareils, Hynotiq, and Rumchata create a creamy, blue burst of flavour.

Mix a little berry into your fun with the Chambord Kir Royale. Drizzle 8 mL of Chambord into the bottom of your flute. Top up the glass with your champagne and garnish with a twist of lemon. The bright berry colour adds depth of flavour to the bubbly.

We know this Christmas will end up being a bit different, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t celebrate! We hope you and yours can unwind over the holidays and try mixing up a fancy Christmas cocktail or two.

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