Owning an RV sounds like an awesome idea to most Canadians. With an RV you have the freedom to travel whenever your schedule allows, you create your own travel plans and most importantly, the whole family can come along for the ride. But while you may have had every intention of making several trips each year in your RV, over time you may quickly realize that you’re using your beautiful RV less and less as the years go by. In fact, one of the most frequent comments we get is, “I wish we could get more use out of our RV.” If you’ve found yourself in this situation, all it takes is a bit of careful planning and research to find the time for regular RVing.

How Can I Get the Most from My RV Investment?

Part of the joy that comes from owning an RV is the fact that you can just pick up and head out on an adventure on a whim. But for many RV owners, that level of spontaneity can also make it difficult to actually get your gear together for a trip when you find that you’ve got 3 or 4 days free. If you’ve found yourself in this predicament recently, be sure to follow a few of our helpful tips to get in more RV travel time this year.


1. Plan Ahead

Once the winter weather breaks and springtime is on the way, it’s best to be prepared to leave for a short RV trip at a moment’s notice. This is a great time to prepare your RV for a few days on the road. Keep a close eye on your local weather forecasts for a 3 to 4-day chunk of mild, dry weather and get your RV ready with the essentials.

Remove your RV cover, stock the pantry, check the appliances and turn the fridge on too. If it’s too early in the season to completely de-winterize your RV – say early to mid-February, then simply bring a few jugs of water along for your short trip. You should still be able to use most of the facilities in your RV, aside from running water.

2. Prepare for Your Next Trip

After you return home from a long weekend excursion, it’s important to start prepping for your next getaway. That means that you should clean out your RV and make a list of any canned or dry foods that you used and replenish them. You should also do some laundry to refresh the linens in the RV and stock up on fresh towels, toiletries, cleaning supplies, etc. This little bit of prep work makes it super easy to pack up the essentials and jump in your RV the next time you have a few free days or a long weekend to travel.

3. Research Local Campsites

Finally, the best way to get more from your RV investment is to become familiar with your local RV campsites. When you know which campsites are close enough to your home and workplace, you can easily commute back if you ever have to make a quick trip back to reality. Doing a bit of research ahead of time can easily result in some great local camping spots that allow you to get away from the hustle and bustle of your regular schedule without committing to a long-term vacation.

Enjoy the Many Perks of Owning an RV

When you take the time to make RV travel a priority, you’ll quickly realize that it’s actually very easy to get the most out of your investment. Whether you need to research the best RV camps near you or your family simply needs to take the time to prep for each new trip after completing the last one – regular RVing is possible when you set your mind to it!

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