With the weather throughout much of Ontario hovering around negative 20 degrees Celsius, it can seem like Easter and spring weather will never arrive. However, both will be here before you know it. Like last year, families may need to get creative when celebrating Easter this year due to the Canadian government still enforcing some coronavirus restrictions.

The good news during these challenging times is that your family’s Easter celebration can be just as memorable when you celebrate at home or in your RV. Families with little ones may especially need fun activities they can enjoy together on this Christian holiday. Keep in mind that children pick up on the attitudes of their parents and will have a fun day if you keep things light.

Some New Takes on a Classic Easter Tradition

Maybe you have travelled throughout Canada in your RV over previous Easter holidays or taken your kids to a local park for an Easter egg hunt. Either way, the kids had a lot more room to run around and find the hidden eggs. They also had more competition from other camp visitors or children from their own neighbourhood. Although this year’s Easter egg hunt may involve only your immediate family, consider adjusting it for a small group by using one of the ideas below.

  • Set up a treasure hunt: The typical Easter egg hunt involves kids finding hidden plastic eggs with a treat inside them. You can up the excitement level of the game this year by writing a simple clue on a piece of paper and placing it inside the egg. If some of your children don’t read yet, have them bring the egg to you to read the clue. Each clue brings your kids closer to the finding a big stash of candy.
  • Play an adapted game of I-Spy with an Easter theme: If several families in your neighbourhood have younger children, why not ask if they would like to organise a fun game for all of them? Each child can draw a cross, bunny, Easter egg, or other picture related to the holiday and tape it in their window. This can also work when RVing if you’re parked at a campground and enough families want to participate. Each family can walk the neighbourhood together to count the number of Easter crafts they can find. The organisers could also have a prize for each age category to bring some friendly competition into the mix.
  • Create a crazy story: Kids love to be silly, especially when the adults in their family join them. A fun activity to do together this Easter is to have each person write a random sentence on a slip of paper and place the paper inside the Easter egg. Again, you will have to help any of your kids who don’t read or write yet create their sentence. Once everyone has filled out a few pieces of paper, set a timer and ask the kids to find all the eggs. You should all have a blast putting random sentences together to create a funny story.

If your children normally pose for a picture with the Easter bunny, they might enjoy helping an adult in the family transform into a bunny for photos. A family photo with each person having bunny ears or whiskers is another idea.

Keep Your Religious Traditions Alive Too

Easter Sunday is a day that many Canadian families attend church, even if they’re not regular churchgoers throughout the year. If you’re not able to attend a service in person this year, you can help keep things as normal as possible for your kids by viewing it online. Once the service has ended, take some time to talk about why Christians celebrate the holiday in ways that feel meaningful to you.

Another idea is to connect with Grandma, Grandpa, aunts, uncles, and cousins online to help it seem like the extended family is together as usual despite any physical distance. Singing Easter songs and other religious hymns will help make the day more joyous for everyone. Just do an online search if you’re not sure what to sing and be sure to include a few simpler songs written just for kids.

Explorer RV Club wishes you and your family a Happy Easter however you decide to celebrate.

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