RVs are more than just an escape. In fact, for many, RVs are homes on wheels. So, whether you are part-time or a full-time RVer, eventually décor tastes will change and there is going to be an urge to spice things up. So should you go out of your way to purchase a brand new motorhome, where the costs start adding up to get an interior you truly desire? Or do you take on the task of remodelling your RV? We suggest the latter!

Not only does remodelling provide you with a lasting sense of accomplishment; often a new interior will increase the value, saleability, and increase storage space for your house-of-the-highway.

Now, what can you change to make your RV more modern, chic, and personal? Well, most common RV renovation projects look to update the same few areas. Let’s go over innovative ideas to make the most of your remodelling!

Carpet and Flooring

Carpet – the best dirt and dust catcher you will ever have in your motorhome. Unless, of course, you own a golden retriever or a couple of kiddos, carpets will need the most attention when tidying up. Due to this fact, many RVers ditch the carpet in favour of sweep-able surfaces.

The first choice for many to consider would be laminate or hardwood floors, however we recommend otherwise. With RVs being more susceptible to water damage than a stationary home, laminate and hardwood can warp, mold and become a nuisance to repair. Not to mention the weight accompanied with these options.

Luckily, today there are plenty of vinyl options available with features such as insulation, resistance to mold/mildew, and water proofing. Even installation is an ease with tap-and-go methods becoming more prevalent. Flooring can come in all sorts of looks to fit your style, including faux-wood so believable you’d think it was the real deal.

Window Treatments

Does the drapery match the floors? Updating window treatments, such as blinds, curtains, cornices, and valances can go a long way in creating your own style. But one thing to note is the exorbitant prices that can be found at RV specific stores. Shades and blind options of RV or Trailer manufacturers often reach price points of $600 or higher. This is where a DIY attitude and some elbow grease can come in handy.

Perusing thrift stores and discount retailers can yield wonderful patterns and fabrics to make your own window accents. As well, reusing old wood furniture for window frames can be a stupendous addition to make your RV feeling more like home. For creative ideas on your next window makeover, you can view RVinspriation.com’s massive article for some insight on what others have done!


Many RV stock furniture can be rather bulky and downright uncomfortable. However, you will more than likely have the same issues as with window treatments. Furniture specific to travelling homes can burn a hole through your pockets quicker than you can say chesterfield. So why not save you and your wallets some heart break by digging into simple DIY designs. With many RV remodels taking innovative ways to save space, find something that is useful but has more than one function. We are personally big fans of Mount Modern Life’s sofa with storage, as well as their expressive expanding table.

Sleeping accessories are also an area to explore when looking at furniture. Foldable mattresses needed in trailers and RVs aren’t necessarily the cloud we’re looking to sleep on. So a new bed or foam mattress topper are fantastic ways to better your sleeps when you’re on the go.

Painting and Wallpaper

Nothing breathes fresh air into a space as much as a new paint job. With so much emotion expressed through colours, you can go from a quaint and modern to exciting and eclectic with a few coats. Now with any constrictive area, it is best to stay with warmer and brighter tones, as this will lead to a room feeling larger than it really is. However, if you`re an expressive individual, throw it all out there! After all, it`s your home-away-from-home.

Wallpaper is also a great option to add wall accents without the use of heavy materials. Choosing paint and wallpaper together will ensure that rooms flow and have you feeling like your RV is brand new!


Storage is either a small or a big task depending on your needs and your wife’s demands. With many RVers, taking the simple approach of purchasing closet organizers, drawer dividers, and rotating shelves, you can add more than enough utility to the compartments of your motorhome with little investment. Nonetheless, renovating closets and cabinets from the ground-up can make the most of a space. This will be a task, and then some, but is advisable if hinges and doors need TLC.

If you don’t have the time or budget to put together a new floor plan, utilizing vertical spaces can be your next best alternative. By attaching clips, hooks, baskets and compact shelves to walls, storage can be created out of next to nothing.

Whatever your plan is for remodelling your RV, make it your own. Do your research by visiting showrooms and forums, but don`t be afraid to make mistakes. As with all things involved with motorhomes and trailers – it`s an adventure!

Get expressive and good luck with your next remodelling project, Explorers!

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