RVs define the joy of driving. Wherever you travel – mountains, desert or prairies – an RV allows you to experience the countryside in your own time; you always control the next stop, and you are completely free to create your own journey. Protecting that freedom is important. Whether you encounter a flat tire, a brake fluid issue, a timing belt problem or even a faulty slide-out, a roadside assistance plan can provide help when things do not go as planned. Most RV enthusiasts will agree that this is an essential service, especially for peace of mind Having a roadside assistance plan (whichever one it is) will help you safely and quickly return to your adventure even when mishaps occur.

There is a misconception that roadside assistance is not the answer – that it is a wasted expense that rarely provides real-world value. Why purchase something that you barely use or may never use, right? Maybe you’re confident that you can change a tire or solve most problems on your own – and maybe you can. Everyday urban life in the passenger vehicle world may not require a roadside assistance plan, but an RV is a whole other animal; incidents are common and can be challenging to resolve, costly, time-consuming and can derail your travel plans.

The table shows examples of costs one might face when dealing with a situation requiring roadside assistance. As you can see from the table, the cost of one or two repairs can equal several years of roadside assistance, depending on the program you choose.


Trailer driving on the road

Costs shown are based on Explorer RV’s network


The freedom to travel the open road by touring more remote parts of the country also will find you travelling where amenities may be limited, and in some cases unavailable. Roadside assistance agents are trained to assist RV owners with any challenge that may arise, and can ensure your safe and timely return to travel. Essentially, roadside assistance goes a long way to ensure peace of mind, allowing you to truly enjoy all of the breath taking adventures ahead of you.

With the variety of plans available on the market, many assistance providers offer numerous perks to help with your travels. Trip planning helps to map out your travels in a meaningful way; a travel concierge can assist with reservations, referrals, activities and language barriers, if necessary. Trip interruption offers compensation if you are delayed; these value-added services can go a long way in making your trip a memorable one.

Before hitting the road, here are a few inspections that’ll help you jumpstart your RV season on the right foot:

  • Timing belt
  • Motor oil
  • Air and gas filter
  • Generator

And don’t forget a good roadside assistance plan! Explorer RV offers one of the best in the industry; see a comparison table here.

In short, you are entitled to unlimited distance if you require towing and an unlimited number of services involving mechanical breakdown per year, across Canada and the Continental United States. The coverage follows the primary member, an associate member (a spouse residing in the primary member’s household, or in the absence of a spouse, the primary member may designate an adult household resident as the associate member) and the primary member’s dependent children (under the age of 21 and living in the same household) while driving, riding or travelling in the vehicles covered and registered under the membership. The plan includes coverage for any two non-commercial passenger vehicles (including motorhomes, cars, pickup trucks, vans and motorcycles), plus a trailer.

Roadside assistance coverage is a crucial part of your adventure planning – for more information, please feel free to contact us at (800) 999-0819. Safe travels!

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