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For Life’s Great RVentures

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For Life’s Great RVentures

RView By Explorer RV Club

For Life’s Great RVentures

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For Life’s Great RVentures

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Pro Tips to Save Money on RV Maintenance

If you enjoy exciting RV camping road trips and travelling North America looking for great new boondocking and RV resort locations, you should always be prepared for emergencies. That includes RV breakdowns. Depending on your situation, an RV repair can become very...

A photo of a Fifth Wheel camper parked on a treed lot, speckled with cactus and palms.

Spring Maintenance tips – getting ready for the season.

Good maintenance is preventative, so it's important to follow a checklist to check for rodent damage, water seepage, and structural damage. Test all trailer/motorhome systems, keep a maintenance log, check house batteries, and service trailer brakes. Inspect trailer brakes, hitch, electrical hookups, inside wiring, and tire condition before hitting the road. Check for corrosion, binding, seizing, and wire deterioration, and check for dead marker or signal bulbs. Replace tires, air up tires, check roof, seams, and caulking for wear and damage, and be proactive to reduce on-road problems.

Photo of a young man repairing and checking his recreational vehicle.
Product Reviews

What Does it Really Cost to Charge Your EV?

Electric vehicles (EVs) have a different sense of money/kilometres travelled than gas-powered vehicles due to the cost of electricity and charging stations. Charging at the Electrify Canada station cost me almost three times what I would have paid in my own driveway, which is not the gas station experience we are used to.

A close-up of someone connecting a charging station hook-up to their electric vehicle’s charging port.

How to Clean Your RV Like a Pro

Experienced RVers know the drill when it comes to prepping their vehicle for spring. When the temperatures start to warm, the to-do lists come out and the work begins. A proper cleaning, inside and outside, is included on most RVers spring prep lists, but it should...

Man using a pressure washer to clean his RV.

Servicing Your RV Brakes: How Important is it?

R V Season is quickly approaching, and while we all start planning our next road adventures, I’d like to spend some time talking about servicing your RV brakes. Did you know the brakes are one of the most often overlooked systems on a trailer? Most owners are aware...

Foot on a brake pedal.

What to Look for When Choosing a Fifth Wheel Hitch

You can’t tow your fifth wheel if you don’t have a hitch. The fifth wheel hitch is an important accessory that links your camper to your tow vehicle, ensuring that you can travel safely on the road. However, not all hitches are suitable for your tow vehicle,...

Truck pulling a fifth wheel hitch down a dirt path

Safe Winter Towing Tips

W hether you are heading out with your RV for a winter adventure or hitting the trails with your snowmobiles or ATVs, towing in the winter requires a different skill set. If you are already experienced in winter towing – well, a refresher never hurts! Towing has...

Red 2011 Silverado HD towing a Yamaha trailer in the winter

How Does the RV and Vehicle Recall Process Work?

Unless you have experienced a recall first hand, most of us are not aware of how the process works. In this article, I will explain the basics based on my understanding of the recall process. Recalls are usually issued from manufacturers and/or governments and can...

Illustrations of RVs and other vehicles

RVing Safely: How To Share The Road With Trucks

With the United States finally opening to cross-border traffic, many RVers are going to be heading south this winter. That means hours and hours of driving on interstate highways heading to warmer climates. As sure as the snow will disappear as you head south, so...

Trucks and other vehicles share the road in heavy traffic on a highway.

What Do You Need in an RV? 3 Things to Consider

Despite what you’ve heard – size matters. OK… give me a minute and follow my thoughts. If you’re reading this you already own an RV. That’s a given. When you bought that RV, you were at a certain age and your life was at a stage that suited the specific purchase...

Scenery with camping of RV caravan trailers near Bohinj Lake in Slovenia. Nature and camper motorhomes in Slovenija. View of motor home van and green forest. Landscape in summer.

Choosing Your New Tow Vehicle: What You Need To Know

L​et’s get the obvious out of the way first: trailers come in all sizes and with various purposes. They can weigh 200 to 30,000 lbs. If you own one, you already know the weight of yours and this is the first note on your buying list. Looking for a new tow vehicle...

Tow vehicles parked outdoors.

In Diesel Technology the Future is ‘Green’

E​ngine choice in today’s Heavy-Duty segment of the pickup truck market is diesel biased with up to 80% of new HD trucks so equipped. In fact, this number has been growing steadily in the past decade driven by a combination of increasing reliability and fuel...

Man hand holding yellow diesel pump, pump inside the car.

5 Travel and RV Friendly Bikes to Consider

Many RVers opt to take their bikes on the road with them, a task which usually involves bike carriers fixed to the rear of the trailer. Sure, that works – but there is another way that saves space and is far more convenient. I’m talking about bikes specifically...

Places to See

Exploring the Rocky Mountain Hot Springs

Experiencing natural wonders like the Rocky Mountain hot springs, geysers, mud pots and paint pots have made their way onto the bucket lists of RVers and adventurers everywhere. And if you are as lucky us, this dream is accessible by road at any time of the year....

Truck pulling a trailer parked in Banff National Park.
Product Reviews RV

What’s New in RVs for 2023

Did you know 2021 was one of the RV industry's most significant sales years on record? With over 600,000 RVs shipped, and an increase in sales of almost 40% compared to 2020, the pandemic put production into overdrive. The isolation and travel restrictions of the...

Several RVs parked on a sunny summer day in a campground.
Product Reviews

Introducing the Ember 191MSL for Overlanders

The RV industry is full of well-known brand names, typically owned by a few larger companies. Collections of brands owned by larger companies like Forest River and Thor have been common in the industry for a while. In fact, this is the norm in most businesses where...

An Ember overland trailer, parked on a flat campsite surrounded by trees. Beyond the trees, the sun is setting.
Product Reviews RV

2023 Crossroads Redwood 4200FL

Every year, in mid-September, the largest consumer RV show takes place in Hershey, PA. One of the units that impressed me was a new floor plan from Redwood. I thought it was worth highlighting. This sizeable fifth wheel is a four-season, full-timing unit and has to...

A 2023 Crossroads Redwood RV is parked outside at an RV show.
Product Reviews

1970 Pickup Trucks: A Brand-New Era

Summer is here, and it’s the perfect time for some light reading and lazy memories of the past. Usually, I review and report on what’s new in the world of towing and pickup trucks, but sometimes it’s nice to look at what came before to see just how far we’ve come...

RV Living

Soup’s On!

what’s not to love about a heart-warming bowl of bean soup on a fabulous, chill Autumn Day? Satisfying your hunger, easing the pressure on your food budget, and giving you culinary bragging rights in the campground, are three things you can count on with a bowl of...

A bowl of white bean soup, garnished with parsley. A slice of whole wheat bread sits on the rim of the soup bowl.
RV Living

Tips for Improving Your Towing Skills

In the height of summer, highways can become congested as people head out on their adventures. The roads are full of vehicles and drivers of varying experiences and backgrounds. Some are even towing for the very first time. A quick tune-up of your defensive driving...

A silver pickup truck is pulling a camper trailer down a quiet treelined road.
RV Living

6 Fun Outdoor Activities to Try with Your Dad

When the temperature has (finally) warmed, and summer is just around the corner, there's no better place to be than out in nature. So, when Father's Day rolls around, why not spend it enjoying the fresh air with Dad? Of course, there's nothing wrong with dinner at...

Side view portrait of dad and son sitting outdoors together on rocks fishing with rods in calm lake waters with landscape of setting sun, both wearing plaid shirts, shot from behind tree
RV Living

How Well Do You Know Your Canadian Trivia?

Canada is a land of beautiful landscapes, interesting people, and diverse history. Learn more about our country’s past with some Canadian trivia. Are you ready to see what you know? 1. The Huron-Iroquois word Kanata means _____.2. What is the official tartan of...

Canada day fireworks on a lake in Muskoka, Ontario Canada. On the wooden dock two Adirondack chairs are facing the sunset orange hues
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5 Reasons to RV With Terego This Spring

After a long winter spent within your home’s four walls, what could be better than trading them in for your four walls on wheels? Here are five reasons why you should plan an RV trip with Terego this spring. 1. The temperature is perfect One of the best parts about...

After a long winter, are you ready to head out on your first RV trip of the season? Here are five reasons to plan an RV trip with Terego this spring.
RV Living

8 BBQ & Rib Festivals in Canada

Everyone loves a rack of ribs smothered in BBQ sauce. If you are in search of the best pulled pork this year, add one of the many BBQ and rib festivals in Canada to your RV vacation plans this summer. Here are some of the biggest smoke-offs from across the country...

People enjoy an outdoor rib fest held in a public park in Burlington, Ontario, Canada.
RV Living

Top 7 Lakes to Go Fishing in Ontario

Whether you favour ice fishing or prefer to take your boat out on a warm summer day, you are sure to find just the right place for fishing in Ontario. The province is home to 250,000 lakes and nearly one-fifth of the world’s water supply. You can also take...

Grandfather and grandchild on a fishing adventure.
RV Living

The Fun of Volunteering on the Road

Are you a retired RVer with an abundance of free time? Volunteering is an excellent way to spend it and giving back to your local or global community is even more rewarding than you may think. While you won’t get paid for your time, volunteering provides a number...

A cheerful young woman stands in a plant nursery with a group of volunteers and discusses the plan for their day.
NewsRV Living

Announcing Our Virtual Winter RV Show for 2021

We have something big to announce and we wanted you to be the first to know. ORVDA is absolutely thrilled to announce that we're producing Ontario’s Mega RV Show, Canada’s largest virtual RV event. Join us online February 5th to 7th to see over 500 RVs, including...


Coronavirus Update

In recent days, we have seen an increased level of concern related to the spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19). We understand that this may be an unsettling time and wanted to provide an update on the actions being taken to ensure the health and...

Galley Kitchen

Entertaining From Your Trailer

We received wonderful news this week that our seasonal site will open on May 1! Although this timing is subject to local COVID19 regulations, we’re thinking about the kind of RV season we want this year. Knowing that cross-country travel in 2021 is on hold, we’re...

Galley Kitchen

Eh is for Apples Grown in Canada!

Ah September! The real beginning of the new year for your two teaching Galley Chefs. Things sure look and feel different from this time last year as teachers and students gear up for different ways of learning. What hasn’t changed, though, is the arrival of that...

Pile of apples at at market
DIYRV Living

How to Handle RV Recalls

You do everything you can to keep your RV safe and properly maintained. Unfortunately, mistakes in manufacturing and defective parts can put you and your loved ones at-risk. When a safety defect is found on an RV, an official recall is issued and formal notices are...

DIYRV Living

7 Storage Space Solutions for Your RV

Anyone who owns an RV can attest to the fact that an RV doesn’t exactly have the largest amount of storage space inside, and when you have to bring all your necessities and treat it as a second home while on your camping or hiking trips, your storage space inside...


Winterizing Your RV: What You Need to Know

With the camping season winding down, you will find that winter is not far behind. This means it’s time to start thinking about winter storage for your RV. If you are a do-it-yourself kind of person, you can save by learning how to winterize your RV yourself....

Many trailers being stored on a large lot

How To Service and Operate Universal RV Systems

At its simplest, an RV is a house on wheels, and just like at home you have systems that service your house, water, electric, gas and HVAC. Knowing your systems and keeping them in good repair is vital. Here are basics to learn so you can relax.   THE LP GAS SYSTEM...

Couple sitting outside of their trailer

How to Repair a Broken Water Line in Your RV

If you have a broken water line in your RV, you must promptly complete repairs before continuing on your travels. Ignoring even the slightest leak can result in a huge mess and severe water damage in a short period of time. Mold could even start to grow, sidelining...

Hands attaching a water line to an RV

Backing Up Is Hard To Do

The Pandemic has changed our lives this year; that’s a fact. Most would say for the worse, however I’ve found that with the restrictions and resulting slower pace of life, I have more time to invest in the details that I previously skipped over. This...

Black pickup truck towing a trailer
DIYRV Living

Tire Safety & Maintenance

Your tires are the main support for your RV and help to make sure you travel safely through a multitude of different road conditions each year. But even though they are one of the most important safety aspects of any vehicle, tires are often overlooked when it...

DIYRV Living

Spring Truck Maintenance

Springtime is a busy season for most truck owners across the nation as they begin to prepare for many months of travel and adventure. It’s time to shake off the last of the winter snows and get ready to get out and enjoy the many perks of owning a...

DIYRV Living

Getting Your RV Spring Ready

As the warmer spring weather approaches, most RV owners are feeling that familiar itch to get back out on the open road. But after spending a great deal of time and effort to properly winterize your RV, you may also be dreading the spring maintenance process....

Money Sense

Financial Tips for Saving Money in 2021

It's no secret that many Canadians have been struggling to make ends meet; in fact, even in 2019 (before the start of the coronavirus pandemic), an estimated 48% of Canadians reported that they have less than $200 left in their bank accounts after paying their...

Money Sense

How to Manage Debt After the Holidays

With 2020 having been such a challenging year, many people treated themselves to a little retail therapy... okay, a lot of retail therapy. Whether you've splurged on a few special gifts for loved ones or treated yourself to something special, it's important to...

Money Sense

Charitable Giving: Why And How To Give

With the upcoming holiday season likely being the first time you won’t visit loved ones, exchange gifts and enjoy a festive meal – now’s as good of a time as any to count your blessings, spread cheer and do a little good. As the end of the year approaches, consider...

Money Sense

Is 0% Financing Really As Good As It Seems?

As you hem and haw while shopping for your new car, truck, or SUV at the dealership, the salesperson might come by and wave 0% financing around to entice you to sign on the dotted line. You might feel like you’ve just snagged the deal of a lifetime, but the truth...

Money and handing over car keys
Money SenseRV Living

Buying an Affordable Pickup Truck

Buying an Affordable Pickup Truck For the past few years the majority of RVs bought in Canada have been of the towable variety. That means, excluding some of the smaller micro-campers and trailers, most RV buyers either already have or are looking to...

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