Springtime is a busy season for most truck owners across the nation as they begin to prepare for many months of travel and adventure. It’s time to shake off the last of the winter snows and get ready to get out and enjoy the many perks of owning a truck. But where should you begin your de-winterization? If you’re in need of a good refresher, we’re here to help make sure you’ve properly prepped your truck for the next few months of life on the road. Keep reading to check out our simple spring maintenance checklist.


7 Spring Maintenance Steps for Truck Owners

  1. Battery

The winter months can be really tough on your battery. But the summer heat can also cause issues for your battery life if you don’t properly de-winterize it. This means you should take the time to clean and tighten the terminals on your battery and have it tested to determine whether it can withstand the warm summer months. If not, replace it.


  1. Diesel Emissions Fluid

If you own a diesel truck, this should really be part of your normal everyday maintenance tasks. But with towing season on the horizon, it’s always good to keep in mind that towing your boat or RV can easily double your overall consumption of DEF Fluid. So, make sure to always top it up before your upcoming summer road trips.


  1. Caps and Tonneau Cover

One of the most efficient ways to keep winter weather from covering your truck bead with road grime and residue is to invest in a cap or tonneau cover. They can easily work to protect your truck from corrosive materials that can seep into all those nooks and crannies. But as the harsh weather fades away, you can say goodbye to those extra layers of protection and hello to the sunshine. Once you’ve removed your truck cover, take the time to wash it down with soap and water and do the same to your truck bed too.


  1. Undercarriage

For many truck owners, the undercarriage is one area that is out of sight and out of mind. But undercarriage maintenance should actually be at the top of your spring maintenance checklist. Because of the way you truck ladder-frame is constructed, the undercarriage gathers a ton of dirt, road grime and corrosive salts residue. To keep it clean and prevent bigger issues down the road, be sure to use a power washer to clean and degrease the undercarriage of your truck.


  1. Hitch

If you used your hitch at all this past winter and accidentally left the ball in, there’s a good chance that it may now be rusted in place! This is an unfortunate realization that many truck owners make as they prepare to tackle their spring maintenance. To avoid further issues, take the time to clean and lubricate all parts of the hitch receiver, ball and pins. Inspect the hitch for any corrosion damage, paying special attention to the bolt heads and welds where the hitch was attached to the frame.


  1. Electrical Hook-Ups

Winter grime build-up and corrosion can often take the biggest toll on your trucks’ electrical lines and other connections. Check all of your electrical connections by using a tester in all of the sockets. Next, clean the sockets thoroughly and lubricate them with a light lithium grease. Take extra time to clean and grease the ground wires, as they are always the first to experience rusting issues.


  1. Tires

Before you can safely head out on the open road this spring and summer, you need to make sure that your tires are in good shape. This means that you’ll need to check the tread on each, paying extra attention to the sidewall condition. FI any tires have cracks or bulges, they will likely need to be replaced as soon as possible.


Tackle Your Spring Truck Maintenance Today

Nothing is worse than missing out on a great opportunity to go camping because you’ve yet to de-winterize your truck and RV. So get a head start on your spring truck maintenance today to make sure you don’t miss out on all the fun this spring!

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